Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide clients with superior tax solutions. Services included are: tax prep filing, accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning, business development strategy, stock investment and comprehensive banking needs. We partner with our clients to provide strategy and plans for future growth in their business because it grows ours.

Our experience comes from varied backgrounds owners of pharmacies, accounting firms, consulting firms, and logistic centers. All partners have experience in selling of companies and finding ways to live within our respected regulatory environments. We understand the difficulties of running a business and how to save money, let us help you succeed both in tax prep and structure. Strategy is important, having a concise plan and acting on it can be extremely fruitful.

·Tax prep geared towards your business and investments

· Transparent billing

· Bookkeeping

· Financial Planning through our expert Certified Financial Planner

· Business consulting for a variety of small business needs

· Stock investments through our selected expert investment firms

· Banking through our favorite banking reps

· Advice and a complete understanding of your current business

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